“Wherever you find yourself, do not go forth from that place too quickly. Try to be patient and learn to stay in one place.”

Saint Antony of Egypt



Monday Motivation

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

Teacher Thoughts

20 years

2 schools on 2 continents

over 400 students from around the world

So blessed to have been a part of so many kids’ lives.

Teaching is like giving birth – it can be so difficult in the moment, maybe quite painful,  but then it’s all worth it, and you forget about the pain and difficulty. Then you go and voluntarily do it again, remembering only the good times!

Why is teaching painful and difficult sometimes? Because your heart and soul are poured out into each of your students, which is exhausting on so many levels. Because your mind is always working out how to meet each of their unique needs. Because your heart breaks at situations they deal with that you, and they, have no control over. Because sometimes you feel like your best wasn’t good enough. Because sometimes your role is referee or judge, and that’s just hard. And because we’re human – us, and them.

In the end you end up with sweet memories of:

  • the successes, large ones and small ones
  • funny remarks the kids made
  • times you laughed together
  • their growth as a reader, writer, & mathematician
  • their creative and artsy projects
  • how they socially blossomed
  • the joy of seeing their critical thinking skills develop
  • clearing up confusion for them and watching the “light bulb turn on”
  • character growth as they apply character skills we learn about
  • kids who love on each other and edify each other

As I end my twentieth year teaching, I choose to forget about the busyness, the demanding schedule and brain energy that’s always going into my job, and the burden of caring for the students on so many levels.

Instead, I choose to remember the sweet times, knowing I’ll do it over and over again for years to come.



A Slow Run

My senses are on overload as I jog down the beach breathing in the smell of low tide. The sand, white and powdery, sounds crunchy since I am on the part where the tide has gone out, leaving the sand harder there, and easier to run on. But I am in no hurry on these first 2 kilometers of my run – my eyes are on the eastern sky, at the edge of the horizon, where the sea meets the sky. Soon the sun will peek up and rise, and after I have enjoyed the barrage of reds and oranges and yellows painting the sky above the Andaman Sea, I’ll pick up my running pace a bit.


This is a training run for a 15 K race in the mountains, which will be far from the salty waves currently lapping at my feet. Read More