We arrived in Bangkok in the middle of the night after a 12 hour flight and another 6 hour flight, only to find out our apartment was not ready for us (no water, no air conditioning!). The ICS staff member who picked us up took us to a hotel, which wasn’t too bad since we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning!

That was over a week ago, so jet lag has passed and we are settling in. Kind of! In some ways we are feeling settled and in other ways we are not. I am not a person who enjoys shopping, especially when I cannot just hop in the car and run to wherever I need to go. There have been many kind and helpful people from the school who’ve driven us to the stores, and we have taken a taxi, too, so that we can acquire the things we need for the apartment. We have not seen much of Bangkok, but we are getting to know our own neighborhood well. Looking forward to feeling more settled, but not sure when that will be!


The view from our kitchen window, looking over to the school where I will teach