Settling In

Settling in has not been without challenges, but of course we expected to have challenges when relocating across the world to a developing country. One of the biggest challenges has been getting the phones figured out with communication set up to be able to talk to family and friends back home. (Trying to use WhatsApp for this.)

Another biggie has been cooking in the apartment. It is not typical in Thailand to find built-in appliances in the apartments, so we have a plug-in induction burner that the landlord provided – it heats instantly and smokes up the room, and after trying a dinner and a breakfast we gave up. In the next couple days we will be purchasing a different type of electric burner. Luckily, eating out here in the neighborhood is inexpensive and delicious.

Another challenge was medical-related, where I had a bug bite the second day here that turned into a dinner-plate size “thing”, and Taylor had a full-body rash the next day. So, we got to know the hospital system quickly (here, you see doctors, even dentists, at hospitals, not in their own private offices like at home.) We are both fine now – don’t worry Mom!

We ARE feeling settled in many ways. We had dinner at a friend’s apartment tonight. Jeff has as scooter for zipping around, as it is much faster than a taxi. We have the main furniture and things for living that we need, and even a few decorative items, in the apartment (pics coming soon). We bought a washer, so we can do laundry – it is out on the balcony, and the drying rack is inside our spare room. I have started my teacher orientation week, so I am getting a taste of getting to work; after all, that IS why we came here! For me to teach second grade, and I am super excited for that. The kids are making friends; we swim every day at the school pool, as well as play soccer and basketball.

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  1. Marlene · July 20, 2016

    Happy to hear that you & Tay are ok…. Did they give you meds?


    • 4cipsjaunt · July 20, 2016

      For Tay, they had her stop her amoxicillin that she had been on- she may be allergic to it, and they have her a few days of Zyrtec. For me, they have me amoxicillin and something else, for the swelling. All better now!


  2. Shelley Dayton · July 20, 2016

    Hi! Haven’t read your blog yet, but want my own copy plus Mike, too.

    We love to tell our friends here about your exotic adventure.

    We LOVE having Marlene and Jim here and want you guys to stay here next year when you get your R& R.

    My e-mail is and Mike’s is



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