Easing into Work


Thunder & lightning moving in, as seen from a friend’s balcony

New teacher orientation has been great! I got my Macbook Pro on Monday, and they feed us (the family, too!) breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is always a Thai rice dish, pancakes & french toast, bacon, and fruit. Lunch is always 3 or so delicious Thai dishes and fresh salad bar. I get nice and full, then we just snack for dinner or eat down at the stalls or the restaurant that are on our apartment complex property. The stalls sell plates of Thai food for 5o baht ($1.50), and the restaurant plates are 120 baht or so ($3.50).

After breakfast we’ve had some meetings and trainings, and then we’re free to work in our rooms. The elementary building has been under some remodeling, and even though I’ve been here two weeks, today was the first day I could start organizing my room. Whoever was there before me left quite a mess – student desks were not cleaned out, trash/junk piled up, and I even found some students’ medical papers and 3 report cards that never got sent home. But, my family was kind enough to help me out in there for a couple hours today while I had a meeting to set up our banking and direct deposit.

Trainings have included survival Thai, gmail and Google classroom, curriculum mapping on Atlas, RenWeb for attendance and grades, and the start of my two-year class, The Truth Project. Lots of new stuff! The good news is that tomorrow is  a field trip, families are coming along, too. They are taking us to the Ancient City.  Next week will be more intense, as all the teachers will be back and on Monday morning all of us new teachers have to share our story of how God brought us to ICS in Thailand. And that story will probably be shared in a future Blog post!