Day Trip: Ancient Siam (mueang boran)



Peeking through a replica on top of the bird’s eye view in the park


We had a great day today: the new staff & our families were taken on a field trip to Ancient Siam park. It is about 40 minutes from our Bangna neighborhood. The park is over 200 acres, in the shape of Thailand, and has buildings from all over Thailand replicated to about 1/3 their original size; they are built in the park in the actual area they’d be in Thailand, as if we are on a mini map of the country.



View from the top, looking toward Gulf of Bangkok

The photo above shows some housing that lies in between the park and the ocean. Notice the first buildings, with tin roofs: people live in them, and you see them all over, right next to multi-story concrete buildings. Most of the concrete buildings have stores or restaurants on the bottom floor, and apartments above. Some of the concrete buildings have owners who paint them, others do not. If I understood our tour guide correctly, I learned that the area around the park was developed 40 or so years ago, it is the first industrial area to develop in Thailand.



We passed some cattle along the road in the park. We passed a monitor lizard as well, but in the photo I snapped of it, I only saw its foot, as the rest was obscured by some plants. I was glad to be in the tour tram when passing both of them!




Ayutthaya (the old palace) replica

The inside of the Ayutthaya palace was amazing, very shiny and detailed artwork on the walls and ceilings, but no photos are allowed to be taken inside. The umbrella is used in southeast Asia not just for rain, but in place of sunscreen! This one has a UV lining and was 150 baht (about $4)

The park is located in mangrove forest land, and has its share of small details that were eye-catching.



The fresh coconut was the highlight of my day! I have always said I like anything coconut, and so I came to the right country when you can just pay 40 baht (about a dollar) for a cold, freshly cut open coconut! The water inside is so sweet, but not too sweet, and then you get to eat the meat out of it. Delicious!


Our tour bus – next time we will rent bikes

Now were are home in our apartment, everyone is relaxing (napping for some, internet for others). It was a great way to start the weekend!