Chatuchak Market

We had been wanting to check out this market, which consists of more than 8,000 stalls in  27 sections. It is HUGE! It was everything I hoped it would be – lots of fun goodies and yummy food. One of the many helpful ICS staff took us – she has lived here a year and had never actually been to the market, but she knew all about riding the sky train. It was a 5 minute taxi ride to the BTS (Sky Train) station, and about a 45 minute or so ride on the train, which was great for people watching and seeing the city from above.

I was super excited that I did not buy one of the first wallets I had seen, as the one I ended up with was not only less expensive, but hand made and then the man leather punched my name in it! Check it out:

Austin bought some shoes, Taylor got a bag/backpack, we got a nice plate for veggies & dip, and we finished off with food from one of the many delicious restaurants (which are more like stalls as well).