Birthday Fun



Jeff and I have birthdays two days apart, so it’s always celebration times two! Having August birthdays also always means that I am always launched back into full-time work after two relaxing months off (those two months were not so relaxing this year with moving overseas!) It has been a huge blessing this year to receive birthday wishes from so many friends, both old and new! And with the time change, we received birthday wishes for like 48 hours! Very special! Our special friends in the photo above blessed us with cool Starbucks mugs and a sushi dinner. Our kids and their kids are good friends, so the kids got their evening to hang out while the adults had double date-night. Win-win!



On my birthday we took a taxi in the rain. The goal for this trip was to find and eat some chocolate cake. Kind of bummed because had it not been a total down pour, we would have taken the scooter, which is much faster (because you weave in and out of traffic – don’t let that worry you, Mom!) The taxi driver for this trip was either amazing or the worst ever, I haven’t quite decided. He would do the normal taxi things, like weave in and out and tailgate, but he brought tail-gating to a whole new level. I thought my 42nd birthday was going to be my last! The only way the hood (bonnet for my Aussie friends!) of our car did not touch the backs of all the other cars along the way had to be an angel in the 1 centimeter between us and each car in front of us! And how we did not hit the center divide at one point really is a miracle! But, we got to the mall (everything is at the malls here) and as you can see in the photo above, I got my chocolate cake at Larna House. I am not sure what their logo is – a squashed smiling lemon?



We have graduated from scooter to automobile! The scooter will still be great and totally necessary with traffic, but the CRV will be best for family trips and rainy season. Right now it rains every afternoon and evening, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for many hours. And it isn’t just a sprinkle, it’s a downpour. Sorry California friends dealing with the drought – I wish I could send you some of it! Or a lot of it, because it floods around here. We wade through water sometimes!


As we’re beginning to make connections with people here, I hope we can be a blessing to them as so many have been to us, helping us to get settled in and offering us friendship and prayers. Thank you all back home for the continued well-wishes and prayers as well. We appreciate each and every one of your Facebooks comments, emails, and WhatsApp messages.



  1. Mary Tidball · August 12, 2016

    Glad you guys enjoyed your birthdays and survived the taxi ride. You’ll have many adventures to share in the next couple of years. I’m enjoying reading your blog. It’s history in the making. I may never be able to visit Thailand but I feel like I’m experiencing a little bit of it through you. Thanks for that. Talk to you later my friends.


  2. Jill · August 12, 2016

    Sounds like a fun and memorable birthday! Wonderful to see you all safe and happy! XOXO


  3. Bridget · August 19, 2016

    Happy Birthday, belated!
    We missed you at Back to School Night!
    I’m really glad you’re doing this blog. I feel like I at least get to see you once in awhile! We had a nice night, It was 90 degrees at 8pm! Have a great rest of August!


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