A Typical Weekday in BKK

Starting to Feel Settled


A gift from my cousin a few years ago, brought it with us from the states

Jeff & I were discussing how we’ve fallen into a routine of sorts for now, and how it feels pretty good. The days are FULL – as in abundant, or complete – but NOT busy -as in overloaded or swamped. Back home in the states we had felt busy in that rushed type of way, and now the days feel full, in a more purposeful way.

The Weekday Routine

4:50 My alarm goes off, and I may get up, or hit snooze once

First order of business is coffee, just like it was in the states. The problem is that good, affordable beans are difficult to find. But still, I have kept our daily french press tradition from the states. (We bought our cool press on our trip to Yellowstone in 2011, and have used it nearly every day since!)


5:00-5:45 Quiet time

5:45 or 6:00 Wake up the kids

6:15 or 6:30 Walk to school (kids come later on their own)

6:30-7:00 Settle in at work, get the air con going, check email (Oh, the emails! They just keep coming!)

7:00 Morning Devotions as follows: Mondays-worship (singing together), Tuesdays-grade levels meet and pray for students, Wednesdays-Someone shares a testimony, Thursdays-meet with individual prayer partner (I have two wonderful ladies, so there are three of us), Fridays-message from the headmaster or other campus leader

7:20 Pick up the kiddos from the open air (so, hot and humid) cafeteria tables

7:35 Thai national anthem and flag-raising, and opening prayer over the loudspeaker

7:35-2:20 A day with second graders of loving and learning. I teach Bible, math, reading, writing, social studies, and science. The specials teachers teach them P.E., art, music, and computers. I also do a swap with the other two second grade teachers when we have the non-Thai kids, so 1 day a week I do STEM projects with them. (Thai kids go 5 days a week to Thai class for half and hour, and 2 days a week the non-Thai kids have Thai culture and beginning language, but the other three days the non-Thais get extra enrichment)

2:20 Dismissal & touch base with my own kids. They often hang out with friends after school, and right now Austin has cross country practice most days. They have homework to do as well, and mostly do it at school, in my classroom or the band teacher’s room because Austin and Taylor are good friends with his kids and they all hang out often, and Jeff and I are good friends with him and his wife.

2:20-4:00/5:00 I am helping with various after school activities or lesson planning, and Jeff is coaching U11 boys basket ball. Kids might run over to the garage food area and get a smoothie or Thai iced tea.

5:00 and into the evening, we figure out what’s for dinner. This is the most different aspect (well, one of them!) from our life in the states. It will get its own post eventually. But here’s a quick summary of the various dinner options that typically happen on weekdays – reheating of the day’s food delivery from Paleo Robbie or the Pakistani refugees’ homemade food, Thai food from the garage stalls or the Yellow Yellow restaurant right by our apartment (always the cheapest option), Tuesdays usually the Mexican food truck that comes for us at the garage (not as good as California Mexican food, but then nothing could ever be!!), maybe cook something in the apartment like pasta or breakfast food.

Evenings are usually relaxing a bit at the apartment, or swimming with the kids at the school pool, or hanging out with school staff eating at the garage. Sometimes we need to run to the mall (most stores you need are located at malls.)  It gets dark by 6:30 or so, and the mosquitos come out by 7:00, so we try to be inside by then. Dinner is earlier here for us than it was in the states, that’s for sure.

8:30 is the goal for getting into bed – but depending on homework and such, maybe later. I wish I could be in bed by 8:00 since I have such an early wake-up time! It is usually 9:00 if I  am honest.


…our daily life here is definitely different than it was at home. We are really enjoying the fullness of it right now as we build relationships with people here. We miss our family and friends from Modesto very much, and appreciate all the contact we are able to maintain via What’s App, email, Facebook, and Skype calls. Thank you to everyone who was part of our California daily routine, and thank you to everyone who is part of our BKK daily routine. We look forward to continuing to settle in and adjust to life abroad, while maintaining relationships with those important people from home.

If you read this far, you must be one of those important people in our life either from the states or BKK. Please post a comment to let us know what topics you want to read about. My friend Kim wants to read about and see pics of food. What else? Let me know what you guys want to read about and see!





  1. Kim · September 9, 2016

    I like seeing and reading about what you guys are doing. I like when you post pictures of you guys enjoying the area. Thanks for the updates. I’m so glad you’re having fun.

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  2. Ragena · September 9, 2016

    Well, my fellow introvert, all of this “people” time seems overwhelming and exhausting! When do you recharge? I love reading all of your posts!


    • 4cipsjaunt · September 10, 2016

      I recharge by swimming once or twice a week (not something I did before, but it replaces cycling for me here), yoga once in awhile, and my morning quiet times. But I am missing my weekends of hiking and backpacking for sure! Also, during the school day I have one or two prep times, and I can be alone in my class with music or silence, whichever I’m in the mood for. 🙂


  3. Mary · September 9, 2016

    Hi guys

    It’s so nice reading your blog and kinda being able to share your experience. I’m glad you are getting settled in. Seems a bit hectic but also very rewarding. I admire you for taking on such a task and running headlong into uncharted waters. I hope the adventure continues to fulfill and enrich your lives. Take care and blog on. 😊

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  4. Kristen · September 9, 2016

    Hi Nicole!!! So happy you guys are loving it! I want to see more pics of the kids ……..and the food also……LOL How will you ever come back here and teach after having such good support there. The school sounds amazing….

    Love to you all

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    • 4cipsjaunt · September 10, 2016

      The kids are picky about what I put of them online! But I will definitely do more.


  5. Kristen Miller · September 9, 2016

    Hi Nicole! So happy you guys are loving it! I want to see more pics of the kids………and the food also……LOL How will you ever come back here and teach in our system after having such good support there? The school seems amazing!

    Love to you all

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  6. Ricki Fortuna · September 9, 2016

    Thaks for sharing. Im curious is food there like our version of clean eating- no hormones organic whole foods? What kind of sugar do they use? Lol i know weird questions.

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    • 4cipsjaunt · September 10, 2016

      Food is one one my biggest stressors – I will eventually do a post on it. A lot of the things you mention are available, but not as easily as in the states, and as if they weren’t expensive enough in the states, twice as much here.


  7. Bridget · September 9, 2016

    We are sure missing you here. I am really glad you are doing this blog. Keep it going. It is still very hot here and you are not missing anything.

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  8. Karen Y · September 10, 2016

    Hi, Nicole,
    I’ve been enjoying reading all of your blogs! You are all so brave and adventurous, and I love hearing about your different lifestyle in Thailand, and at work. Keep ’em coming!


  9. Jim & Marlene · September 11, 2016

    We want more pics of the kiddies and of course of you and Jeff too!
    Dad and I sure do miss you all.
    So thankful for your blog and WhatsApp. We can’t wait until next summer when you come to visit us here in beautiful SC. We miss your hugs kisses.

    Love you and miss you,

    Mom (Nana) & Dad (Papa)


  10. Jim & Marlene · September 11, 2016

    God Bless you all !!!


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