Adventures on Koh Lanta Island

Ever since I was offered my teaching job back in March, I had known we had a “fall break” in October, but honestly I was so slammed with moving to a new country and starting a new job, that I had hit the ground running at the end of July and couldn’t even put much thought into thinking about a week long break in October. Plus, as October arrived, “fall” was not in the air, nor will it ever be “fall” as an actual weather season in Thailand! So, the break actually kind of snuck up on me, but I was ready for it after report cards and parent conferences.

Luckily, Jeff had taken the lead and booked us a flight and a few nights stay in a beautiful but not very developed part of southern Thailand. We stayed in a Thai villa-resort on the southern tip of Koh Lanta Island, across from the beach and near a gorgeous national park. It was just our kind of vacation – more like hanging with the locals than joining a tourist mecca.


We left our Bangkok apartment complex at 7:00 am on a Monday morning, and took a taxi to the airport. We flew an hour and a half, and hopped in the taxivan that Alama Sea Village arranged for us, which was a little over two hours (including a ferry ride) through beautiful green countryside. Every time we leave Bangkok, it’s green countryside. Down in Krabi provence where we were, they actually call this season the “green season” (rainy season). Next week the “cool season” starts, and prices jump up, so fall break is perfectly timed for some great travel deals for us. Plus, we like rain, and although it rained some, it didn’t stop us from an amazing few days of outdoor fun!

Our 2-room bungalow was perfect, offering us a view of the jungle-covered mountains and the Andaman sea, completed by a porch with a hammock and comfy bean bags. The pool, restaurant, and tropical landscaping were all kept up beautifully, and the Thai people here are just as friendly and kind as in Bangkok. Our location near the national park at the end of the only road on the island was a perfect family-friendly location away from any party scenes that can be common in Thailand beach areas. So quiet around our villa complex that we easily heard the frogs, birds, and chirping crickets, and no light pollution so that we were able to see stars on the cloudless nights. Literally a breath of fresh air!

Originally I thought we’d rent kayaks and also go rock climbing, and Jeff was wanting to take a fishing trip, but the heat and sun wear you out quickly (even in Bangkok we find this happens as well), so we took it easy. Still, our days on Ko Lanta were a wonderful mix of both relaxation and adventure: we rented motorbikes every day, shopped Old Town Lanta, rode on a speed boat to caves and white sand beaches, snorkeled, hiked (kind of – turned back after some monkeys blocked the trail!), had various monkey sightings around the island, swam at the beach, chased and caught sunsets.


It was a much-needed few days of recharging, and I think my school back home in the states needs to have a fall break to help recharge teachers and families before the Holidays kick in.

It was a much-needed few days of recharging, and I think my school back home

in the states needs to have a fall break to help recharge teachers and

families before the Holidays kick in!





  1. Marlene & Jim · November 6, 2016

    What fun!! :-)……..God’s Blessings


  2. Mary Tidball · November 6, 2016

    I’m glad you guys were able to take some needed time off and relax and enjoy more of the country . Looks like an amazing adventure unfolding. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to follow along. Till next time, enjoy, be safe, have fun, and live the moment.


  3. Ted Luanne · November 9, 2016

    AWESOME for you guys! We are happy you are making the most of your journey.


  4. Kim · November 21, 2016

    Those pictures are beautiful! Love the hammock and swing- Taylor sure knows how to relax! It’s starting to cool down here and I already miss the warmth of summer. Your trip looked perfectly lovely:)


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