Holiday: Thai Father’s Day and Late King’s Birthday, December 5th


.คนดีทำให้คนอื่นดีได้  หมายความว่าคนดี ทำให้เกิดความดีในสังคม  คนอื่นก็ดีไปด้วย. ความเลวนั้นจะทำให้คนดีเป็นคนเลวก็ยาก แต่เป็นไปได้.ถ้าคนดีเข้มแข็งในความดี  จะทำให้คนเลวมาทำให้คนดีเป็นคนเลวยาก.สำคัญอยู่ที่ความเข้มแข็งของคนดี…

…A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in society; other person will also be good. Evil will make a steadfast good person bad only withgreat difficulty; however, it is not impossible. If good people hold on tenaciously to their goodness, it will be difficult for evil people to influence them.  The important thing is the strong will of the good person…

One of my favorite quotes by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Rama IX of the Chakra Dynasty

1927 – 2016


In Thai class, Taylor made a model of the King’s Flower, or Golden Shower Tree, for Jeff. And we blessed him with homemade chocolate chip cookies, for Thai Father’s Day. (Note – these are the first homemade cookies I’ve made since moving to Thailand! Could only bake 6 at time in our tiny oven!)

After having a relaxing morning at home for our holiday off from work and school, we scootered over to the King’s Park to enjoy the festivities. We loved just walking around the market where they were selling plants, and of course enjoyed Thai food from the food stands. The park was closed for a week and a half while the gardeners planted thousands of flower displays in the park and it was beautiful. I had a peek on my bike ride Sunday morning, but today we walked around loving the cooler temperatures that have arrived as of recently (80’s, but less humidity than the last 4 months!) The Thai people are still wearing black as a sign of mourning over the late King’s death; they really loved their King of over 70 years, as he unified the country and was a supporter of education and growth through willingness to work.

Food – the most important part of any day trip, right! We enjoyed shredded papaya salad, mango and sticky rice, jack fruit and sticky rice, Thai iced tea (they call it milk tea), shredded fried pork strips – yum!

Suang Luang Rama IX Park was built in 1987 for the King’s 60th birthday. It is the largest open green space in Bangkok, and I am so grateful that is is just a couple kilometers from our apartment so I go there every weekend on my bike. Today was different, being able to relax with the family foot was great!

We went with the intent to buy some plants, knowing we were limited by how many and how big because we rode the scooters trather than drive the car to make parking easier. But we ended up with a few new house plants, and Taylor got started on a fairy garden. Austin wanted cactus, but in the end couldn’t decide.

Above are two that we bought (the Give Thanks domino did not come with). Jeff got a rather large set of lucky bamboo, and now needs to get a container for setting it in water.

So, I have 8 more days of work before we get our 3 weeks off for Christmas break. I am not burnt out and dying for a break like I remember being back in the states – I think it’s because of the fall break we had in late October (seems like yesterday, truly!), and also I LOVE my job!!! I am really excited about things we (the second grade teachers and I) have planned for these next couple weeks, so I know it will fly by. And then, we have 3 weeks to work on our Bangkok bucket list! Stay tuned!