Off the Beaten Path: Bangkok Day Trip

We had a three day weekend (second one in a row, and just 3 1/2 days left of school until 3  weeks of Christmas break!), and it was a full and very enjoyable 3 days of activities. The “winter” weather, named “cool season” here, makes for perfect adventure weather. Monday we took off for an adventurous day trip north of Bangkok. I did a little research, and found out that there are lots of sunflower fields to see in central Thailand during the cool season, between November and January – perfect! There was actually very little information on the specifics, but we’re always up for an adventure.

We took off around 7:45 a.m. (I wanted to leave at 6:00, but I was outvoted by everyone else!) We had no traffic for the most part, and got to the main town in Lopburi province with the help of Google maps, and then a couple adventurous “delays” began. One was that we got pulled over; the officer noticed the tags on the car were not current (long story) and wanted 400 baht ($12). Jeff called our Thai friend who helps us with car and motorcycle registration, and in the end we only owed 200 baht. The next delay was just the frustration of not knowing exactly what to plug into Google maps from that point to find some sunflower farms, and we were taken on some wrong roads. The cool thing was getting to see rural Thailand in this area. (Hover or click on photos to see captions, I think.)

We had a great time once we found some sunflower farms, and wandered around enjoying nature and fresh air. These are the days I wish I new about photography and had a super nice camera, but our phone pics and the Nikon point and shoot will have to do. Enjoy some pics of the fields below.

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On the way home we treated ourselves to Starbucks, a rare occasion for us. When we lived in the states, we rarely went to Starbucks, as we much prefer to support local, and same here in Thailand. There are 4 great locally owned coffee places right in front of the school and within walking distance of the school, so those are the ones we normally go to. But heading back into town we decided to stop at a Starbucks before heading back into Bangkok. It was really cool Starbucks, and I enjoyed my peppermint mocha.

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Looking forward to Christmas break – we plan to continue with more day trips outside of Bangkok, but also we are going to check out some things right here in Bangkok that we just haven’t had time to see yet. It is great exploring in this “winter” weather – 70’s and NOT humid! What is winter like where you are?


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