A Photo Essay of Songkran Break


Every year from April 13-15, Thai people celebrate their New Year with a water festival called Songkran (which means passing or approaching). You cannot go anywhere without getting doused with water, as it is seen as a cleansing for the coming year. Water guns, buckets, and hoses are used to literally throw water on people who are walking, driving, even riding scooters. Thai Buddhists will pour water onto Buddhist images, and Songkran is one of the most popular events in Thailand.

Schools are closed for the week of Songkran, and our family escaped Bangkok for a few days, then returned to enjoy some of the festivities in the city. I am making this a visual “essay”, as I only have time to upload some photos, not enough time to do a write-up. Hope you enjoy!


Taken By Austin


Nicole resting at dusk


Taylor squeezing out the last bit of daylight

We stayed at Klong Prao Beach on Koh Chang (an island to the east of Bangkok).


We were pretty active most of the trip, either swimming, jogging, hiking… but Jeff was actually fighting a bad cold and also working (drafting, working remotely for the engineering firm he worked for before we moved here), so he spent a lot more time in the resort room than the kids and I did.

Austin meditation

We did an elephant excursion, which will have to be a whole other post. When doing some research AFTER the fact, we decided we would NOT have done it if we’d been more informed. If you’re interested in why not, read here.  But here’s a few pictures from the day.

Our group went on a waterfall hike, which turned out to be easy and short, but provided for a half day of swimming and cliff jumping. When people got too high up on the rock, the guard would blow his whistle at us!



Part of our resort area




Early morning jog on the beach

Every night around 8:30 there was a fire show on the beach. The many kids we had in the group did not want to miss a single night – I think we saw it 3 out of the 4 nights! Pretty amazing and brave guys!


us on the beach

This might be the only pic of all four of us this trip! At the fire show.

Notice the umbrella below – I now am like Thai people and carry my UV “sunbrella” with me. The sun here is not friendly like California sunshine – in Thailand it is close and burns furiously hot here. I hate wearing sunscreen all the time, so the umbrella stays in my purse for sun protection. Soon, rainy season will be back, and it will be used for that purpose, too.

I mentioned, we had the week off in honor of Songkran (the country-wide water festival), so on the way home Thursday we enjoyed some slow driving to watch the water festivities. Thursday afternoon, and Friday, while out on the scooter, Jeff got wet. He liked it! It’s so hot here that it feels good!

If you’re still with me, kudos to you – hopefully your phone or computer didn’t crash from loading all these pics!

Here’s a few from Easter Sunday – we went out to brunch at a western-style restaurant downtown, and then to church at 2:30 to celebrate Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate!

Back to work tomorrow!!  7 more weeks of teaching my

amazing second graders, then heading to the U.S. for a month!



  1. Bridget · April 22, 2017

    Beautiful pictures. Enjoyed your trip too. I hope we can see you when you’re here.


    • 4cipsjaunt · April 22, 2017

      Yes! Hopefully Charlyn can help me coordinate a Cal Ave meet-up!


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