Feelings on Friendship and Family

life is short friends

Social relations between people are a building-block of society. I have no sociology, nor anthropology, nor psychology degree from which to provide fieldwork examination details on this, nor am I going to take the time to research and analyze what those experts say. I don’t NEED to look to them to affirm what I know to be true from 42 years of living on the planetpeople need people!

I wouldn’t be able to do this life without the connections and partnerships I have been blessed with in my family and friends over the years. The people in my life who fill my heart do so by encouraging me, challenging me, forgiving me when needed. And I do the same for them!  We have fun together – do dinner, ride bikes, go backpacking, go to the beach, watch movies and have game nights. We support each other in difficult times. Do favors for each other. Listen. Pray for each other. Learn from each other. Give each other a reality check!

I thank God for these people every day!

Moving across the world has both enhanced previous relationships (it takes forethought and commitment to keep in touch, and we appreciate everyone who makes the effort with us!), and also brought in the blessings of new ones. The relationships my husband and I have with people from our hometown area, and that our kids have with kids from there, are a part of who I am, who we are as a family, too. Now we have new relationships forming, and they, too, are a part of who we are. Recently we had the opportunity to visit back home and see many of these special people all across the country, and our hearts are full.

be a blessing be a friend

People are not perfect. I know I am not. My family is not. My friends are not. We live in a fallen world. There are also times in my life when relationships have not been so encouraging and positive, but rather negative. Some of those relationships have lasted through the downs, some have not.

Nevertheless, all encounters with people have the ability to shape and change us, whether for the good or the bad. People are all different, we are all wired up differently in ways that we learn, interests we have, things we like and dislike, ways we thrive…thank God we are all different or it would be rather boring! I feel badly for the person who doesn’t have a network of friends and family who are there through thick and thin, who build you up and allow you to do the same for them. And who just want to hang out for dinner together, or go on a wild adventure together!

I am most comfortable in small groups and one on one, and prefer working at quality relationships rather than on gathering a large quantity of them. However, over the years I have been blessed by new relationships coming into my life that I am so grateful for. I get nervous at big gatherings, and will stand or sit in one place talking to just one person the whole time if I can get away with it. But, get me with my closest friends and most special family members and my heart is full, I am energized. These are the life-giving relationships God has blessed me with! 

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  1. Jill · July 22

    Well said. You are very blessed indeed. Have a wonderful school year.


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  3. Pauline Johnson · July 26

    Hi to the Ciprianos. I enjoyed reading your one year reflections. You are having a wonderful journey. God bless you all.

    Pauline Johnson


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