4cips at Wat Arun

Don’t you think life is a journey to be savored, not just a destination to reach?

Currently the Cipriano family is savoring the journey in Thailand. Through a series of events in 2014 and 2015, they felt God calling them to serve overseas. In 2016  they relocated from a suburban city surrounded by rich agriculture land in central California to Bangkok, city of concrete and pavement with over 10 million people. Nicole teaches grade two at International Community School, where her love for teaching has been rekindled. Jeff remotely does commercial drafting work using Revit. They strive to always thrive wherever God calls them.

This blog focuses on their journey – daily life tidbits, ministry highlights, travel adventures, and stories of those who touch their lives. Expect to also find measures of inspiration and Christian values here. Come along and be sure to take some time to savor your own journey!

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